Shopi Point


What is Shopify Point?

Shopi Point is a company devoted to creating the perfect Shopify store for you. Find out more About Us


What services do you offer?

Shopi Point offers several different packages from small tweaks to domain setup and store migrations. Check out Our Services


What is a 'Small Task'?

A small task is any task that we can complete in 45 minutes or less.


How does the 'Unlimited Small Task' package work?


Our monthly Unlimited Small Task service includes 1-3 Small Tasks per day over the period of a month.


Why should I use Shopify for my ecommerce business?

Shopify is one of the leading services for ecommerce and already powers hundreds of online stores. Shopify has an easy-to-use interface and provides professional looking themes without the headache of constantly writing code.


I have an existing online store and I would like to switch to Shopify. Can you transfer all of my inventory?

Yes! Site migration is one of the services we offer here at Shopi Point.


I already have a shopify site, but I would like some changes made to it. Do you have a service for that?

Yes! We can make fixes to an existing website as well as make custom tweaks. Check out our Services Page


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