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Shopify Site Maintenance (Monthly)

Shopify Site Maintenance (Monthly)

USD $149.00

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Need small updates to your Shopify site every month?

Changing your website to keep information current is one of the main things you need to do to keep customers and search engines happy. With our Monthly Maintenance package, we manage your Shopify site for you so you can focus on other parts of your new, growing business. Whether you are just starting up your online shop, or just need some extra help on your Shopify store, our Monthly Service package can be very beneficial to your eCommerce business.

Our Shopify Site Maintenance covers

  • Create or update products
  • Create or update page
  • Create Blog Post
  • Change Layout
  • HTML/CSS Tweak
  • Add or update menu in navigation
  • Update homepage content
  • Enable or disable theme feature
  • App installation and configuration
  • Social media update

And anything that related with shopify.

How it works

When you purchase our Monthly Service package you will be receiving a whole month of support from our Shopify experts. All task will be completed within 1 business day after submit. As this service is ideal for basic maintenance only we will provide upto 3  hours service for maintaining your site. But we think you will get benefited cause our expert can do many updates in this time as updating content etc takes very less time. 

We are happy to issue a full refund if you not feel comfort by taking our service. 

Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question or concern about this service.



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